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Employment/ Career Opportunites

           6% Marketing has a wide array of career opportunites. We welcome you to apply, and join our team of family oriented workers to help businesses prosper across the globe. You are the furture of 6% Marketing, and we need you to help build this company. We recognize our Independent Contractors not as employees but as members of the business, which is why this new innovative company is right for you.


            There are many ways to apply, but most important all applicants must present an attachment with cover letter and resume. Apply online here within the website, send us an email or come in to do your application. We offer a great work environment with a winning team. So get started on your application today!  




Administrative Department:

Barbara Clinkscales



Careers available:

Independent Contractor (IC) Secratary: This career includes filing paperwork, picking up phones, making reservations, making appointments with ICs and their clients, Documenting 6% Marketing meetings.


Independent Contractor Hiring Manager: Your career includes hiring and firing ICs that do not follow the 6% Marketing code of conduct, we hope no one gets fired of course! Your job also includes keeping record of every IC within the company and handling any discrepancies that may or may not occur between ICs.


Independent Contractor Accountant: The duties of this career include budget projections of the company, managing payroll, auditing, company tax preparations.


Marketing Department:

Emmanual Agnant



Careers available:

Independent Contractor (IC) Advertisements: As the saying goes, “there is only 4 ways to advertise.” In 6% Marketing that is wrong. The duties for this job first and foremost is to have your creative thinking cap on to bring to the company new ideas in advertisment. You will be promoting new upcoming businesses and bring them exposure to increase the knowledge of their existence to society. This includes having knowledge about these methods: word of mouth, social media, commercials, radio spreads, and magazine and newspapers.


Independent Contractor Web Designers: Duties include making webpages and webdesigns for customers of 6% Marketing when orders are made. Deadlines are a BIG thing here so we prefer you have some experience in making webpages before you apply. We would like for you also to know how to insert contents, SEO, and hosting.


Independent Contractor Social Media Experts: Duties of this job is to maintain 6% Marketing clients social media pages. All social media pages are included so we would like you to familarize yourself with not only the well-known social media platforms but the ones that are not well-known as well. We would like for you to know how to navigate these social media sites and how to increase a companies views to ensure that the company receives as much exposure as possible with their future clients.


Independent Contractor Magazine Editors: Your duty to the company is brainstorm and create as well as continually update our magazine. Our magazine is very special so you have to also know how to edit an online webpage as well. We are virtual and have new innovative magazines that we want to share with the world and your help would be valued.


Independent Contractor Graphic Designers: In this career you must have experience with photoshop, illustrator, coding, branding, logos, business cards, and brochures. You will be responsible for designing and brainstorming with the team to help local companies build their enterprises within 6% Marketing.



Freelance/Field Work Department:

Omar Clarke



Independent Contractor Field -All ICs in this section do the same things, IT IS SO EASY, if you like to talk to people and customers then your duty is to close deals, get the customer to sign the agreement forms for services rendered. Go around and find local upcoming businesses that need our help! The more clients you find the more businesses we can help and see a HUGE change in the economical status around the world. You are the most vital piece to our company, but remember we are a team and family oriented. So let's get to work!


Independent Contractor Photographer: You must have experience in photography in accordance to business. Your duty will be to take professional photos of our clients and their companies to help promote them to the public.


Independent Contractor VIdeo: Your duty is to record companies and make commericals for 6% Marketing customers, you must have experience in making commercials for businesses. They must be professional and making deadlines is very important.


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