6%Marketing, LLC.
6%Marketing, LLC.

About Us

Our company was founded on the idea of helping local upcoming businesses build their entreprises. We are looking to change the world and make a big impact on the way businesses operate as well as change the marketing enterprise. Bring unity into the corporate world and lend a helping hand to those in need. Ever since 6%Marketing was established, we have endeavored to provide help where the need is greatest.


6%Marketing has an umbrella of 6 other major companies. Our first major company is of course Marketing new upcoming business, giving them the extra hand they need so they can focus on the main priorities of their business while we handle the rest. Marketing these upcoming businesses will bring them customers and business tools that they need to bring income into their company. 


Another portion of our company includes re-building the low-income cities as well as opening a music industry for local upcoming musicians taping into talent that has be unrightfully denied. 6%Marketing  is mainly about giving opportunity to those who have been over looked, in various ways that no company has. 6%Marketing  is extremely unique, rare, and we are here to stay.


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